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Pharma Creative — See Case


Inspire Generations

Windstreet Energy


Be Extraordinary

USDA—Biosecurity For Birds


Change Lives

Henry J. Austin Health Center


Quench Their Thirst

Smug Brewing


Create Lasting Memories

NJ Travel & Tourism — See Case


Go To Market Swiftly

MSL Lumber


Strut Your Uniqueness

Stewart Xerox — See Case


Shred The Competition

Banchi Outdoor Adventures — See Case


Lend Support

Simply Gray Matters — See Case


Bask In Luxury

Gold Strike Casino — See Case

Hire our branding and advertising agency. Stimulate business. Grow.

StimulusBrand Communications, located near Princeton, New Jersey, is an award-winning, strategic, brand development and advertising agency. With broad experience and deep talent, we help distinguish your brand, make you top-of-mind and engage customers to choose YOU.

We’ve developed strategic marketing and advertising for banks, hospitals, law firms, sports teams, museums, real estate, schools, insurance companies, healthcare, energy, transportation, tourism, eyewear, building products, and even a brew pub.

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Quite simply, we help define brand positions, create logos & identities, visual brand styling, print & digital ads, brochures, direct mail, websites, video, television and radio, billboards & signage, displays, social media, and more. Creative work that is fresh and proprietary. The kind that represents your unique brand. And brings customers to you.

Positioning Strategy

Logos &
Visual Identity


Web Design & Interactive


Video / TV Media

Transit / OOH

Social / Digital

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What is the StimulusBrand difference? Experience across a broad spectrum of media and industries. We’ve been excelling at this for more than 40 years. We are a boutique brand design and advertising agency. Yes, a brand design firm combined with media advertising strength! Which means we see your work in a broad context beyond any single design element—helping build consistency in all of your communications. We’re deploying new tools, delivering fresh thinking and impactful creative every day. We get it. We get to it. No layers of process to wait on. Plus, you get senior leadership on your business from day 1.

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Time to Refresh? Give Them Something To Talk About.

Traditional vs. digital marketing: The relevance of both.

• What goes into a brand review? Strategic Brand Review and Positioning: Your move!

• Before you strut out a logo, before you pick your colors and type fonts, the best brands are based first on …READ MORE.

• How to know when to Rebrand.  Hear Tom McManimon’s perspective.

• Hire Tom McManimon, published author and professional speaker. WATCH VIDEO SERIES.


Know your purpose. Find your happy.

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My 3 yr old grandson is at that stage where he asks “why” to everything. He is seeking clarity and understanding. And like him, right now, more and more people are asking “why”? The global Pandemic has contributed greatly to CHANGE —in the workplace and workforce. More and more people…

Time to Refresh? Give Them Something To Talk About.

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Is now the time to refresh? With the constraints and challenges brought on by Covid19 over these last 2+ years, we face a continual evolving landscape in how we conduct business, attract customers and succeed. Right now, the window of opportunity seems to be opening—even if just a crack. More…

CNJN airs inaugural showing of Mercer Buy Local Connections

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The inaugural showing of Mercer Buy Local Connections:  Thursday, May 26th at 7:30 pm on Comcast 28 & 30 in the Princeton area and Verizon FIOS 43 & 45 channels. The Mercer Buy Local Connection, a new feature show on CNJN, is created to help our local businesses, towns, events, culture,…

Mercer Local Influencers from CNJN airs inaugural show

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  The inaugural showing of Mercer Local Influencers:  Thursday, May 26th at 7pm on Comcast 28 & 30 in the Princeton area and Verizon FIOS 43 & 45 channels. Mercer County: a first-class destination for business growth, quality education, family living and entertainment features guest Aaron Watson together with show…


Culture. Purpose. Personality. Come to know the DNA of your unique brand. Here more on this topic and see other talks in our video series.

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