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StimulusBrand Communications is an award-winning, strategic, brand development and advertising firm with the experience, talent and moxy to elevate your brand to prominence. We help distinguish your brand, make you top-of-mind and engage customers to choose YOU.

We’ve developed strategic marketing and brands for banks, hospitals, law firms, sports teams, office systems, real estate, schools, insurance companies, healthcare, energy, transportation, tourism, eyewear, building products, and even a brew pub.

View our creative portfolio. Read our blogs on branding, advertising, color, and positioning. Let’s stimulate your brand and bottom line. Give us a ring!

Engage StimulusBrand Consultants for Strategic Marketing Advisory & Positioning

Ask yourself, “Prior to the Pandemic, was my business performing? Were we staying ahead of the curve? Were we innovating? Is my brand still relevant today?” Do we need to pivot and create change?


We work side-by-side with you to consider the questions and possibilities that could point you in a new direction. Reveal opportunities. Plan tactics. We’ll deliver you the plan to march forward. And, if you desire, we’ll execute the brand presence that supports you. Whether that be initial strategy, identity, web development, advertising, video, display, digital and social media and more, we’ll craft the program to raise awareness, drive customers to you and build brand loyalty.

• What goes into a brand review? Strategic Brand Review and Positioning: Your move!

• Before you strut out a logo, before you pick your colors and type fonts, the best brands are based first on the values and strengths of what exists inside an organization. READ MORE.

• How to know when to Rebrand.  Hear Tom McManimon’s perspective.

• Hire Tom McManimon, published author and professional speaker. WATCH VIDEO SERIES.


Your brand is strategy, research, audience & culture long before logo, colors and fonts.

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What was once (long ago) just a nugget of an idea has been developed, implemented, tweaked, twisted and re-defined over the years. Can you state what your brand is right now? Do you think it is your logo? What is the “unique & enduring” proposition that keeps business coming your…

Strategic brand review & Positioning. Your move!

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There’s no question that your brand—the ultimate courier of your business personality and service offerings—is essential to your success in generating and preserving customer loyalty. Although your brand’s shelf life should be long-lasting and its delivery consistent, it should also evolve when your marketplace and today’s fast-moving communication landscape call…

They ALL matter to my kaleidoscope of creativity

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It’s fitting that I built a career in advertising. One that is filled with colors of all tint and diversity of all sorts. The range of talents and ideas and thoughts and opinions and perspectives and beliefs all make up my kaleidoscope of creativity. Being open and inviting to all…

Re-examine your brand message, bolster your brand equity, and ensure a winning brand position.

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            Drive perception and control your message. Schedule a brand review with StimulusBrand Communications. For a limited time, book a Brand Review and Brand Positioning study, a $4500 value for 50% OFF with StimulusBrand Communications. Good through September 2020. With Covid-19, and its effect on…


Your logo, tagline, and marketing are the show & tell for what your brand DOES. Demonstrated in real & relevant ways, your brand will be trusted, admired and successful.  Watch video series.

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