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Strut Your Uniqueness

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StimulusBrand Communications is an award-winning brand development and advertising firm with the experience, talent and moxy to elevate your brand to prominence. We’ve created brands for banks, hospitals, law firms, sports teams, office systems, real estate, schools, insurance companies, healthcare, energy, transportation, tourism, eyewear, building products, and even a brew pub. Let’s stimulate your brand and bottom line.

We help distinguish your brand, make you top-of-mind and engage customers to choose YOU. Take a few moments to view our portfolio of creative cases. Read through our blogs and gain perspectives on branding, advertising, color, and positioning. Are you ready for a brand makeover? Give us a ring!

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As we collectively work to overcome the effects of coronavirus and transform the way we conduct business, we wish for everyone strength, good health, creativity and continued success.

Watch Tom McManimon on “The Show Must Go On” discuss overcoming the challenges of quarantine, social distancing and business closures.

What we have learned from going through two crashes (the dotcom crash in 2000 and the real estate crash in 2008) is that the best time to double down is when others are not. History shows in downturns how Marketing spending quickly dives. It is judged, perhaps too hastily, by companies as an expense rather than an opportunity. During an economic downturn, you will find that you will have less competition, which means it is easier and faster to break through and stimulate results. Give StimulusBrand a call. 

Hire Tom McManimon, Principal of StimulusBrand, published author and professional speaker to deliver keynotes and professional presentations to companies and business organizations. Learn more at



Key questions to knowing your brand.

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Know your brand. Improve your marketing performance.  Branding is WHO you are—and Marketing is how you build awareness. Think of your brand as the DNA that  makes you and your products or service unique. Marketing is your tactical approach to tell the world.  The more authentic your brand, the greater…

This time presents opportunity to reinvent.

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So you spent countless hours, years really, developing and growing your business. You were in control. Our economy was kickin’ and growth was strong. And just when you thought you had all things hummin, you’re thrown a curve. Our recent Covid-19 pandemic tossed a nasty curve our way and forced…

StimulusBrand transforms PamTen, Inc.brand

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StimulusBrand Communications transforms brand for PamTen, Inc. revealing new identity and communications. PamTen, Inc. an innovative technology and staffing resource and trusted business partner to Fortune 500 enterprises, small businesses, and non-profits. From strategic planning, to solution design and implementation, to ongoing management and maintenance, PamTen aligns technology with business…

Protect your investment in your brand. Opportunity is knocking.

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When a recession hits, marketing is typically one of the first places business owners are tempted to cut. It is judged, perhaps too hastily, by companies as an expense rather than an opportunity. This is a mistake. It’s well documented that slashing the marketing budget in a downturn will only help defend…


Your logo, tagline, and marketing are the show & tell for what your brand DOES. Demonstrated in real & relevant ways, your brand will be trusted, admired and successful.  Watch video series.

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