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Discover a strategic branding, design and advertising agency in New Jersey.

StimulusBrand Communications is an award-winning, strategic, brand development and advertising firm with the experience, talent and moxy to elevate your brand to prominence. We help distinguish your brand, make you top-of-mind and engage customers to choose YOU.

We’ve developed strategic marketing and advertising for banks, hospitals, law firms, sports teams, museums, real estate, schools, insurance companies, healthcare, energy, transportation, tourism, eyewear, building products, and even a brew pub.

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Quite simply, we help define brand positions, create logos & identities, visual brand styling, print & digital ads, brochures, direct mail, websites, video, television and radio, billboards & signage, displays, social media, and more. Creative work that is fresh and proprietary. The kind that represents your unique brand. And brings customers to you.

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Hire us as strategic consultants for positioning and creative excellence.

We work side-by-side with you to consider the questions and possibilities that could point you in a new direction. Reveal opportunities. Plan tactics. We’ll deliver you the plan to march forward. And, we can execute the creative work that supports you, drives customers to you and builds brand loyalty.

Traditional vs. digital marketing: The relevance of both.

• What goes into a brand review? Strategic Brand Review and Positioning: Your move!

• Before you strut out a logo, before you pick your colors and type fonts, the best brands are based first on …READ MORE.

• How to know when to Rebrand.  Hear Tom McManimon’s perspective.

• Hire Tom McManimon, published author and professional speaker. WATCH VIDEO SERIES.


Traditional vs. digital marketing: The relevance of both.

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The digital marketing industry contains two types of people: experienced marketing professionals with a traditional approach who start by tapping into the psyche of their target audiences; and a newer generation of marketers who have trained in a digital-first era and familiarized themselves on a practical level with the various…

At the center of a rebranding for Henry J. Austin Health Center

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StimulusBrand is proud to reveal the new brand mark and integrated communications program promoting a transformed Henry J. Austin Health Center. We are so pleased to introduce their new brand which reflects their vision and mission of providing high quality care and services to a diverse community regardless of their…

Your brand is strategy, research, audience & culture long before logo, colors and fonts.

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What was once (long ago) just a nugget of an idea has been developed, implemented, tweaked, twisted and re-defined over the years. Can you state what your brand is right now? Do you think it is your logo? What is the “unique & enduring” proposition that keeps business coming your…

Strategic brand review & Positioning. Your move!

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There’s no question that your brand—the ultimate courier of your business personality and service offerings—is essential to your success in generating and preserving customer loyalty. Although your brand’s shelf life should be long-lasting and its delivery consistent, it should also evolve when your marketplace and today’s fast-moving communication landscape call…


How do you know when to reinvent? Does your messaging own an emotional intensity with your customers? Why should they care? Grab and own the single highest emotional intensity that causes your prospects to choose YOU.  Watch video series.

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