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They ALL matter to my kaleidoscope of creativity

By July 10, 2020July 14th, 2022Uncategorized
It’s fitting that I built a career in advertising. mi az a bukméker One that is filled with colors of all tint and diversity of all sorts. The range of talents and ideas and thoughts and opinions and perspectives and beliefs all make up my kaleidoscope of creativity. Being open and inviting to all sorts has made my journey through creativity fun and challenging and joyful and passionate. And it has made me successful. The colors. The noise. The opinions. The chosen or unchosen words. It makes this career rich and refreshing every day. nyerőgépes játékok kockás
I am reminded of my friends Bobby, Russell, David, Larry, Robb, Kenny, Dawn, Tina, Tony, Alyssa, and so many others who are dark skinned or atypical. I am thankful that I never ever saw their colors, views or perspectives gives in a negative or judgmental way. The only colors I ever saw were the color of their shirt of jacket or the color in their smile or the colors in their humor. These people make up the richness in my past and balance in my understanding of people and community. I am ever thankful to them they have been a part of my life –shared memories of competition, laughter, joy and togetherness.  I miss them… Those still here and those gone. 20bet kaszinó online Blessings!!!
They all have mattered to me. They matter. Period!
Tom McManimon
Brand Specialist
Creative director