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Marketing —making a difference

By December 4, 2017February 20th, 2018Branding

As we approach the final turn towards the finish of the year, I am always reminded of the work we were fortunate to develop over the course of the year. It’s been another terrific year filled with corporate brand makeovers, fresh identity programs, feature videos, new web designs and more. The larger assignments can be fruitful, particularly to our bottom line, But, the most rewarding are those that stand tall for making a real difference in peoples lives. We were fortunate this year, as we are in most years, to assist not-for-profits and other businesses whose purpose far surpasses their need for bottom-line growth. It is their mission which guides them to a greater good. And we are proud to contribute our skills, talent, and resources to helping them excel.

In 2016, we were invited to help develop and launch a brand new online medical information bank called

Simply Gray Matters presents an online library of articles and fact sheets on various acute neurological conditions, all explained in simple clear language. This is a resource offering “simpler narrative” understanding to patients and family members who are facing a neurological diagnosis. Articles include diagnosis on Alzheimer’s, Autism, Depression, Aneurism, Stroke, Concussion syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Schizophrenia, and more.

I am particularly proud to have offered our expertise in helping launch this business. Our work included strategy, logo & identity, collateral, website, and more. The website homepage presents a brief clip from an interview video of “yours truly” as I faced a diagnosis with a critical aneurism. I quickly researched as much as I could to better understand such a technical problem.

Launched in September of 2016 with its initial block of content, Simply Gray Matters is raising capital in 2018 to build out the library with deeper content and more resources—including offering all content in Spanish as well. Check out  It just may be lifesaver to you or someone dear to you.

On a mission to eliminate and empower the YWCA Princeton

Just weeks ago, we proudly published (the 5th year in a row) the YWCA Princeton Annual Report. This organization’s global mission is to: eliminate racism while empowering women. Its purpose is to be a model for peace, justice, freedom and dignity in everyday life. Through all its programs, staff, volunteers, and community supporters demonstrate their belief in strengthening humanity and human equality. From its English as a second language (ESL) program, Breast Caner Resource Center, Nursery school, Dance and Robotics programs, and its annual Tribute to Women, the YWCA Princeton truly serves its community and growing generations of leaders.

This years annual report states their position as an organization the promotes resilience, optimism, kindness, achievement and longevity. I could not think of a more important time to help raise awareness for this organization’s efforts and achievements.

Both Simply Gray Matters and the YWCA Princeton Annual Report remind me of the good we can bring with our talents and resources to make a real difference. Our gratitude runs deep.

—Tom McManimon, Principal —StimulusBrand Communications (