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Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

2017 multi-media national campaign of videos, print & digital media features humor and charm from “real” human interaction promoting superior customer satisfaction.


Corporate Brand Makeover. When is the time?

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Take care of your brand. Your bottom line will thank you! For a consultation, call Tom McManimon at 609.538.1126. Email: Companies often come late to the rebranding process. How do you know when it is time to reinvent? Sales may not be up to expectations or growth has slowed.…

Reinventing your brand with color

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The web. Social media. Television. Print. Outdoor. Brochures. Papers. We are increasingly bombarded with information, entertainment, and noise—all in a rich mix of words, color, and imagery. The saturated media mix has become a place for synesthesia, fighting for attention, capturing imaginations, and overloading the senses—causing many to zone out while pockets of others…

Marketing —making a difference

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As we approach the final turn towards the finish of the year, I am always reminded of the work we were fortunate to develop over the course of the year. It’s been another terrific year filled with corporate brand makeovers, fresh identity programs, feature videos, new web designs and more.…

StimulusBrand—Princeton Regional Chamber Ad campaign

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–The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce , Central New Jersey’s largest Chamber, announced today that they are launching a new multimedia advertising campaign that will focus on the Chambers regional growth and highlight the business experience the Chamber is bringing to its member companies. This campaign marks the first time a…


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