“Big picture branding. They’re strategic, creative, forward-thinking, and prolific. They “got us.”

—Ken Walsh, Talksoft Corporation


View stimulating creative cases, and discover how we stimulate customers to favor your brand. Gain perspectives on branding, advertising, color, and positioning. Are you ready for a brand makeover?  See creative samples inside.  Hear Tom McManimon on the RV Daily Report podcast speak on corporate and personal branding, social media, and brand makeovers.  Schedule a FREE consultation.  


New Client brand launches

StimulusBrand proudly reveals new brand launches for: 20 Nassau Property, (http://www.20nassau.com) and Smug Brewing, Inc. http://www.smugbrewing.com  

Agency multi-media campaign promotes The Bank of Princeton. See TV below! 

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Daily business shout-outs. Champions to our local economy.

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Hi folks! Tom McManimon here …from StimulusBrand Communications. You know the phrase “it takes a village?  Throughout the coronavirus pandemic and our time of quarantine, social distancing and closed business, it’s important that we keep our local and small businesses in mind. Many have struggled and will continue. I count…

Key questions to knowing your brand.

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Know your brand. Improve your marketing performance.  Branding is WHO you are—and Marketing is how you build awareness. Think of your brand as the DNA that  makes you and your products or service unique. Marketing is your tactical approach to tell the world.  The more authentic your brand, the greater…

This time presents opportunity to reinvent.

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So you spent countless hours, years really, developing and growing your business. You were in control. Our economy was kickin’ and growth was strong. And just when you thought you had all things hummin, you’re thrown a curve. Our recent Covid-19 pandemic tossed a nasty curve our way and forced…

StimulusBrand transforms PamTen, Inc.brand

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StimulusBrand Communications transforms brand for PamTen, Inc. revealing new identity and communications. PamTen, Inc. an innovative technology and staffing resource and trusted business partner to Fortune 500 enterprises, small businesses, and non-profits. From strategic planning, to solution design and implementation, to ongoing management and maintenance, PamTen aligns technology with business…


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