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Corporate Brand Makeover. When is the time?

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Take care of your brand. Your bottom line will thank you! For a consultation, call Tom McManimon at 609.538.1126. Email: Companies often come late to the rebranding process. How do you know when it is time to reinvent? Sales may not be up to expectations or growth has slowed….

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Brand Makeover Clinic – Event Past! Schedule your Company for a Brand Review.

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Prepare for a Brand Makeover—A Smart Approach to Improve Brand Relevance and Effectiveness as Your Business and Your Marketplace Change  There’s no question that your brand—the ultimate courier of your business personality and service offerings—is essential to your success in generating and preserving customer loyalty. Although your brand’s shelf life…

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Branding can define and increase your wealth

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Preview the interview at the following link:  And pick up a copy of Toms book “The Stuff That Sticks. The personal brand you already know.”at today. Invest In Your Brand & Grow Your Wealth Deborah J. Fraizer, RICP®, Financial Advisor, interviews Tom McManimon, President & Owner of StimulusBrand, which...
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